New interview... (59) Edward Olive New interview January 2011 with Edward Olive fine art & wedding photographer from Madrid Spain Constellation Cafe Life – Art – Coffee Saturday Night Conversations : Edward Olive January 3, 2011 // 2 Sometimes we can never know what life has in store for us. Our paths twisting and turning, sometimes ending up in new places never imagined. And surprisingly we realize that this is where we want to be. Nuevo enero 2011 de Edward Olive fotógrafo de boda de Madrid España widget - Notas - 29 minutes ago via · LikeUnlike · Comment · Instalar el widget * * Arden de Raaij likes this. * o Arden de Raaij great read, wish you didn't have said this though: It takes up to 2 weeks of planning, notes and meetings and fully thought out lighting, color schemes, appropriate lenses, cameras, films, different in-house lab processing, wardrobe, make-u...p, sets and backdrops, acting style etc. There will be some improvisation and collaboration with models’ ideas before or during the shoot and collaborative selection of finished pieces that can take a couple of weeks to assemble. It used to be easy and quick. Now it’s a load of work and effort and far more kit than anyone sane would cart around. I loved not knowing where these ladies came from..!See More 20 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personYou like this. o Edward Olive i don't take pictures i make them you can't tell in the photos do you think the godfather is a documentary or scripted and set up with lighting? when you watch it you see the story. its called willing suspension of disbelief ... i didn't reinvent it.See More


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