Lady in studio reception area waiting for her photo shoot - Lisbon Portugal - Edward Olive photographer for people who value genuine photography

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A shot was previously released scanned from film. Printed this yesterday in the darkroom.

I bought a new Canon 6d the other day with some of these modern lenses they make these days that make things all in focus and sharp like they say in the adverts. That's fine if you need to sell lots of pictures to people who really love sharp pictures because that's what the advertising campaigns tell them is good. I have no real interest in such matters other than to make lots of money on Saturdays travelling around Europe doing rich people's daughters' weddings. They love sharp focused modern type photos. For me I still use 10 year old out of date faded old films like here that I suppose have blodgy grain and stuff if you look closely. Its the atmosphere and emotions that I do and a certain amount of reality blocking helps disconnect from the real.


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Lady in studio reception area waiting for her photo shoot - Edward Olive photographer for people who value real photography


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