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Wedding first dance

Weddings in Spain - First dance classes in Madrid
Gema Ibarra dance teacher
Bailasinparar dance academy in Madrid Spain
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Exclusive private first dance coaching
We offer exclusive private first dance coaching to prepare the first dance for your wedding in Spain with total timetable flexibility to suit your needs either with individual classes in our dance school in central Madrid or we can even come to your hotel suite or your private residence to give you private first dance tuition in the comfort of your own home here in Madrid.

Private dance classes during your holiday in Madrid
We offer an exclusive service of individual tuition to prepare the first dance for your wedding in Madrid or Spain and private individual first dance classes for couples on holiday in Madrid Spain.

Silver and golden wedding anniversaries
We also specialize in preparation of the first dance for silver and golden wedding anniversaries.

Dance classes for the bride and groom’s parents
You have invested so much time and money in ensuring that everything is perfect in your wedding. Why not give your wedding that final touch to make your big day magical taking dance classes that will leave your wedding guests thrilled watching the romantic, intimate first dance that you have prepared with the professional help of Gema Ibarra renowned professional dance instructor and coach.

Your favourite song
You can choose your favourite song and Gema Ibarra will prepare a personalized choreography especially adapted to your chosen music whether it be a traditional or more modern waltz… latin rhythms like chachacha or salsa, a sensuous rumba bolero or classical swing or slowfox.

Wedding first dance - we can help
From Frank Sinatra to Strauss… from Marc Anthony to Elton John… from Alejandro Fernandez to The Carpenters… from Pulp Fiction to Dirty Dancing… from Notting Hill to Eyes Wide Shut we will produce a wonderful, magical moment for your friends and family that cannot fail to produce that warm feeling inside watching two people just married and the emotions they feel for each other dancing the night away.

The wedding first dance - couple and parents
We can also prepare specially adapted first dance choreographies for the parents in the wedding and the bride and groom with their parents.

Dancing - its not as easy as it looks
Please note that its best to start preparing the first dance with time to spare before the wedding. We know there’s always a million things to do at the last minute before a wedding and learning to dance isn’t as easy as it looks.

Invest your time in preparing as best you can your first dance, it will take away all the stress and nerves of dancing in front of so many people making it instead a romantic, lovely moment for everyone to enjoy and remember.

A very special gift for the bride and groom.

Why not give the wedding couple the surprise present of professional first dance classes with dance choreographer Gema Ibarra. The bride and the groom will enjoy every minute of them.

Your partner already knows how to dance.

Why not take secret dance classes with the Bailasinparar dance academy to give them a wonderful surprise on the day of the wedding.

You want to have a romantic first dance in your wedding but feel you aren’t up to it….

You get a cold sweat just thinking about it. Don’t worry, even if you feel more Mr Bean than Patrick Swayze we’ll look after you, so you too can whisk your bride off her feet with professional dance coaching from Gema Ibarra. Dancing can be fun. Give it a try with our professional support and help.

Your wedding is imminent and you need last minute emergency dance classes.
Don’t worry we will help you as best we can with our special express first dance packs to learn some easier steps to get you dancing with grace and style in just a 2 hour class with Gema Ibarra our experienced dance coach

Gay and same sex wedding dances

Don’t worry we run a totally gay & lesbian friendly business and Gema Ibarra also specializes in first dance coaching for gay and same sex wedding couples.


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