O'NEILL, TERRY photographer prices for prints auction sales (Born 1938) | Prints, photographs for sale | Chris Beetles Fine Photographs

O'NEILL, TERRY (Born 1938) | Prints, photographs for sale | Chris Beetles Fine Photographs

Ever since our first exhibition of his iconic photographs in 2006, Terry O'Neill has
been at the heart of the gallery's photographic program.

His retail prices have been deliberately kept at a similar level over that time,
despite his becoming one of the most sought after and collectable photographers in
the world.

At Christie's Auctioneers in London on the 3rd September we saw the first major sign
that Terry's prices are naturally gaining momentum. Of the ten images offered, six
sold for more than we would have charged in the gallery, five of which sold for
considerably more!

We have attached a PDF of these six sale results to show you the difference.

As usual, we offer a superb selection of Terry's work at the gallery, all of which
can be seen on our website at the following link:


If you have already bought a Terry O'Neill photograph you should be very pleased. If
you are thinking of buying a Terry O'Neill photograph, then you should perhaps think
of doing it sooner rather than later.

I am available on the details below should you have any questions at all.

Very best wishes,

Giles Huxley-Parlour
Chris Beetles Fine Photographs
3-5 Swallow St

020 7434 4319




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