O HANAMI An exhibition of new photographs by Paul Kenny Chris Beetles Fine Photographs

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An exhibition of new photographs by Paul Kenny

29 MAY-30 JUNE 2012

The exhibition is now viewable online at
‘O Hanami’ is a Japanese festival that honours the brief, fleeting few days when cherry blossom covers the tree before being blown away by the wind. Inspired by a trip to Japan in which he saw this poetic veneration of nature first hand, Kenny returned to his home in Northumberland and began to work on a British ‘Hanami’, that celebrated the spring-time explosion of native flowers such as Blackthorn, Cow Parsley and Hogweed.

This work preceded a project that Kenny began during the harsh winter of 2010. Snowed in for weeks at a time, and itching to work, he began to forage for material in his garden, finding paper-thin pieces of wind-lashed Birch-bark, Ash keys, frozen pieces of Honesty, last summer’s bedding plants flattened by the heavy snow, and a myriad of other treasures. Embracing this new subject matter, Kenny began to photographically record the intricate details and charms that each piece revealed:

I sought out beauty and fragility in the scraps of gathered material, mindful of my concerns about the landscape
and the scars and marks left by man as the land is ordered and shaped, clipped and manicured.
As winter turned to spring, and Kenny continued the project to include the new life in his garden, he found that the two projects began to merge into a complete year-long survey. The result – O Hanami – is an astonishing body of work that celebrates the passing of the seasons, and celebrates the ephemeral beauty of British flora and fauna.

Paul Kenny was born on 16 July 1951 in Salford, Manchester. He studied Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic from 1972-1975, before embarking on a career as a photographer and lecturer. This is his second exhibition with Chris Beetles Fine Photographs.

Kenny’s work is intrinsically linked to the environment around his home in Northumberland, and reflects his concerns about its fragility, and man’s impact upon it. From a studio in his garden, Kenny takes seemingly banal material found in the surrounding countryside and, using unusual and inventive photographic techniques, teases out its hidden beauty.

A fully illustrated, 46 page catalogue is for sale at the gallery priced at £10.
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