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You only need to read interviews or watch with Helmut Newton to see the difference between the USA and Europe regarding the depiction of the human body in art (not that Helmy liked to see his photos as art). See his in depth discussion in preface to "Portraits":

or his interviews with June / Alice here:

Nothing has changed since then. Religion still has a strong control over much of the United States citizens and even their president (who can now at least be mixed race) still has to pay at least lip service publicly to at least one religion.

US Gay rights to marriage and equality are still not in line with major European countries' liberties.

"one of my nude photos (full nude) was bought from Getty by some construction company as RM. I don't know what for) "

Its nice to see the construction industry has not sold out still to political correctness.

In any event a slight bucking the system is healthy.

  The history of art and "art photography" shows that there has always been a struggle between art and social norms. This is part of social and political progress.

European painters have depicted even child nudity for many centuries and these works hang in every major gallery in the Western world but Duffy and Bailey were having to fight through strict social rules in 1960 in English vogue and someone will have to do it in US vogue in a couple of decades time. I thank Mario Testino for his important work that includes many nudes and for his part in the development of photography. Anna Wintour if you are reading this you are invited to call me personally to discuss the issue.

On a serious note:

a certain photograph we have all seen of a naked child who was napalmed by USA soldiers being made public and being sold to newspapers around the world was very important in stopping the USA war in Vietnam.

This photo changed the world and how people see wars, arfare and weapons and its effects on innocent children.

Photography can be art, it can be photojournalism. It can be many things but the important photographs are important whether they contain nudity or not.

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