Escaneo rapido de hoja de contacto de de un book de actriz hecha en Madrid en primavera 2011

Quick scan of contact sheet From an actor's book shot in Madrid Spring 2011

I have a lot of pictures to printscan and upload. Over the next couple of weeks I will be showing examples from jobs done over the last few months.

2011 is a very busy year for European weddings. Despite difficult state debt markets the EU wedding market is booming.

Maquillaje y estilismo por el equipo de bodas de Edward Olive.
Makeupand styling by Edward Olive's wedding team.

I have shot a lot of terrible makeup on brides over the years so I got my own team so we can get it right. Many small time provincial makeup artists in Europe still do not even think whether the photos will be in color or black and white. The truth is the poor girls are just local hairdressing salon employees who try to get a bit of extra money on a Saturday.

Edward Olive


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