Get a Ton of Bridal Leads - Wedding Forums @BridalTweet The generic millions of weddingraphers or the search for perfection

In art there are more important things than vulgar commerce

In photojournalism too.

Guy Bourdin and Jean Loup Sieff made it because of their talent.

People are born with talent or not. Most not.

There are a million generic local weddingraphers earning more or less money. Historically they will be of no importance. Duffy or Bailey were born with talent which they then developped.

Duffy burned everything because he cared nothing for monetary success. He left the rest to the mediocre millions. His talent will endure forever from what was salvaged.

The weddingraphers will disappear with more or less money in their accounts and nobody will ever care.

Think only of the unique nature and long term importance of your artistic creations. The rest can be left to the generic millions



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