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a really nice book with contact sheets and plenty of classic baby kid happy family stuff. real class even if quite formal. he did do other more informal pictures at the same time of the family which appeared in other magazines.

when i first saw this sort of thing I thought it was a bit straight but its nice and people with taste who have everything they can think of love just good simple well done genuine silver gelatin prints like the avedon kennedy series.

richardavedon was real class whether babies or fashion, he was really great. I wish I was as good but I'm not and will never be.

People get all upset when I am not impressed by all theses endless generic local pros all self-satisfied with what they do churning out the same stuff that will be of no historical importance, but i judge all work by the same standard whether mine, by other nobodies or by the top guys (in generic not gender sense). I also judge photos equally whether my own close family members appear or complete strangers. Only when you are dettached and objective and completely ruthless can you really judge and improve what you do. I am the first to realise what I myself do is still mediocre.

My advice is simple look to the very top whether for babies or whatever. just maybe you will get half way there which is good.

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