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The issue for most couples is not the target audience being rare or wide, plenty of brides want a decent job done… its quite simply that 99% of brides value only bottom end of market price or mid market price but gigantic bulk of photos without caring at all what they look like. They will take a decent job as long as its dirt cheap and huge in amount, if not they’ll go for rubbish either to save money or to make sure they get their bulk – 1500 pictures in a cd without photoshop on the same day as the wedding with unedited video of 4 hours all for 50 cents.

The job for a wedding photographer is to separate the wheat from the chaff… to select the best brides from the dozens of emails you will get each week requesting estimates. The brides with taste, style, class, sensitivity and emotions deserve your fullest attentions. The bulk photo low end price brides need to be left to your standard low price high bulk photographer who cares for nothing more than paying his car loan and putting food on his kids’ table, which is valid and worthy enough reasoning to take photos.

Photographers are like painters. Some paint walls white every day to take care of their family. Some suffer for art to the extent of cutting their own ears off. There is a place for each.

I aim for the top.

Yesterday I bought the wonderful 120mm Makro Planar Hasselblad V series lens for black and white film portraits just slightly closer than the 150mm and 80mm I have and in between the two for flattening. There are very few who will appreciate the subtleties of such details when they write their emails to me asking only about price.

Last night I was up until 5am hand developping 14 rolls of 120 film I shot for a portrait commission where I was hired to produce 1 picture. On a12 and a16 and a16s that’s about 200 shots. The charming French couple understood quite how far I wanted to go to immortalise their baby boy. Few people do though.

I will take any measure necessary to move my work up to the highest level bar cutting off ears.

Edward Olive

Award winning fine art photography

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