Chris Beetles Art Gallery - PERCEPTIONS, PATRICK LICHFIELD (1939-2005)

Chris Beetles Art Gallery - PERCEPTIONS, PATRICK LICHFIELD (1939-2005)

forthcoming exhibition, Perceptions: Patrick Lichfield.

Perceptions is our second exhibition of photographs by Patrick Lichfield, and it features a mixture of new and unseen work, vintage prints and iconic pictures taken from all periods of his career. Fans of Lichfield's portraiture will find much to enjoy, but will also delight in a wealth of images that they might have not associated with the photographer. The exhibition is a testament to Lichfield's love of photography, whether he was in the studio, on the streets, in far-flung locations or at his beloved home in the country

The exhibition opens on December 7, 2012 and will run until January 12, 2011.

Please note that it will be at our Swallow Street Gallery, not at our Ryder Street gallery.

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