look dull Jordi Gual. The genius

Jordi Gual

Egara Romana 1964


C photo magacine, issue 7. polaroid “El salt dels Angels” ivory press. UK

C photo magacine, issue 9. C action, porfolio. UK

Life elements, issue 107. From my heart. China

All things ordinary. issue one. los angeles. USA

City pulse “Biosphere” online fine art magazine”

F5. magazine, issue 44. RU

DUST. magazine, issue 0. London, Paris, New York

Art work:

EP. Hotel74 Rooms



Independent award outside the commercial circuits

Gràffica website

Trade shows:

2010 “MADRIDFOTO” Contemporary art fair of photography

2010 “PHOTO OFF” Young & upcoming photographers art fair, Paris


2007 Polaroid “La mostra d’un fragment de segon” Amics de les Arts. Terrassa, Barcelona

2008 “Hotel” collective exhibition. Sala gran d’Amics de les Arts. Terrassa, Barcelona

2009 Citypulse collective exhibition.“Biosphere” galleria MORO. Santiago de Chile

2010 “Equilibri inestable” exhibition gallerie TAGOMAGO, Barcelona.Author profile written by Natasha Christia

2010 Collective exhibition. “Fràgil” Centre Cultural Caixa Terrassa

2010 “Proyecto O.F.N.I” collective exhibition gallerie VALID FOTO Barcelona

2011 Interconexions 2ª mostra col·lectiva “AIGUA” Amics de les Arts. Terrassa, Barcelona


25 Retrats

Documentary film / essay:

2010 Creative Documentary Master of the Autonomous University of Barcelona

La Cambra Fosca / The Dark room

(24 min)

Producció: UAB-DC i TVC

From: http://ping.fm/0ZgiS


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